Our promise to you

To place quality at the top of our to-do list

We have a number of steps in place to guarantee quality, every time. Without fail.

Vetted pros
Our PunchListUSA Pros go through a strict vetting process complete with a thorough skills assessment and background check. Of the many that apply to become a Pro, only 3% make the grade (seriously).
Checks and balances
Not only do we have experienced, licensed, and insured field managers on the ground, we also have dedicated success managers who continuously check on progress and monitor quality. Think of them as your best friend.
Photo verification
For transparency, our Pros take photos of every repair. You are not invoiced nor do you pay until you have reviewed and are satisfied with the work.
One-year warranty
Not only do we take steps to ensure quality today, we also guarantee our work tomorrow (and for the next 364 days).

To save you time, every time

We know your time is precious. Calling and meeting contractors, managing repair projects, and worrying about completion dates — this all takes time. We’ve removed these time-wasters from your life and innovate daily to further streamline your repair experience.

To keep you safe

Your safety means everything to us, which is why we follow the latest protocols to ensure a healthy environment for our customers and Pros.

To make things simple with technology

We use machine learning to make our solutions faster, higher quality, and more proactive. Because home ownership should be a breeze.