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The old way

Months go by with little progress, bills pile higher, home remodelers fail to keep their word — renovating your home can take time and effort.

A straightforward renovation process, from start to finish

We provide you with an estimate

Speak to our team about your remodeling plans and get accurate estimates in hours. We’ll also offer our expert advice.

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Hire top local contractors with relevant, specialist skills will carry out your renovation, on time and to the highest quality.

You enjoy your home

Whether you’re renovating your home to sell or enjoy for yourself, rest assured that quality will be guaranteed.

"I would not hesitate to use these guys again. Can’t say enough good things. Prompt and thorough responses to our questions. Showed up on time. Did a great job and left the job site just like they found it. PunchListUSA meets all the criteria for a great customer experience."

Aaron Pope

Need clarity? Ask our experts

With our ‘ask an expert’ feature, you can easily consult with our licensed local Pros to prioritize your remodeling project and make confident decisions.

How our remodelers can work for you

I'm a seller

Make improvements that guarantee high return on investment before you list. Then sell faster and get top dollar. Hire local home remodeling companies on demand with ease!

I'm a buyer

Quickly (and easily) turn your house into a home, and enjoy it to the fullest sooner, with beautiful renovations.

I'm a realtor

Help your sellers get the most out of their homes. We’ll act as a partner throughout the entire renovation process, helping you work more efficiently with your clients. Imagine having a team of on-demand remodeling companies who can perform large renovation projects on short time frames!

I'm a institutional investor

Whether selling or holding, maximize the value of your portfolio with expert renovations — efficiently and at scale.

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