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6 High-ROI Outdoor Home Improvements

6 High-ROI Outdoor Home Improvements

Updated April 1, 2023

It’s no wonder why 92% of Realtors recommend their sellers increase their home’s curb appeal prior to listing: doing so adds not only enjoyment but also value to your home.

Here are the improvements that typically provide the best ROI.


Beautiful landscaping is the number one way you can up the value of your home. One study, for example, found that landscaping can give a home a 5.5%-12.7% price advantage over other listed homes. Here are some simple ways to add value:

  • Lawn: green, weed-free, and cleanly edged
  • Garden: manicured shrubs, tidy flowers, fresh mulch, no weeds
  • Yard: no wild areas or junk
  • Walkways: pressure washed and, if needed, modernize with new stone or concrete and solar lights to illuminate the path

Increase Outdoor Living Space

Increasing the outdoor livability of your home gives you more areas to relax and entertain — and is a big draw for buyers when selling.

Consider adding a deck or patio if you don’t have one. Built-in features like seats, planters, hot tubs, awnings, and pergolas can go a long way in creating a true oasis from the everyday. And, don’t forget about safety: lighting, railings, and stair treads where needed.  These outdoor upgrades are a great way to utilize unused space on a property and add value.

You can expect up to 69% ROI for your patio and 80% ROI on your new deck. 

Outdoor Fire Pit

One of the more popular features in recent years has been adding an outdoor fire pit. They’re great for relaxing and entertaining — and offer up to 78% ROI.

There are several options for a fire feature such as a traditional wood burning fire pits to prefabricated gas-burning fire tables. They can be added to existing patios or a new area can be created as a focal point in your yard. Leave plenty of room for seating, and you may consider adding unique features such as built-in wood holders, unique lighting or a place to store your marshmallow roasting sticks.

Outdoor Kitchen

Want to kick your outdoor living space up a notch? Add an outdoor kitchen!

Consider adding an inset grill, cooktop, or hibachi table; storage with stainless steel drawers and an ice chest; and a sink and countertops for preparation space. Keep materials easy to wash and weatherproof. You may want a covering such as a pergola or gazebo, and don’t forget about good lighting so you can chop vegetables night or day. Go above and beyond by including built-in planters for your favorite herbs.

You can expect an ROI of 71% for an outdoor kitchen, and lots of fun entertaining ahead.

New Garage Doors

This is a simple change that can transform the front of your home and deliver an impressive 102.7% return on your investment.

Look for simple, modern designs that fit your homes style. Maximize functionality by making sure they are automatic and can be operated from both within the home, the outside of the home, and from an opener.

Fresh Facade

Updating your home’s façade to look modern, clean, and inviting often yields big returns.

Some of the best investments according to Remodeling Magazine include:

  • Replacing siding (94.7% ROI)
  • Adding stone veneer (102.3% ROI)
  • Replacing your front door (100.9% ROI)


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