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7 Secrets to Amplify Your Curb Appeal Before Listing Your Home

Buying & Selling
Buying & Selling
7 Secrets to Amplify Your Curb Appeal Before Listing Your Home

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to selling a home. In fact, homes with high curb appeal fetch 7% more than similar houses with drab exteriors. But having a gorgeous outdoor space doesn’t mean you have to spend on mammoth home improvement projects. 

There are simpler ways to make your house stand out from the rest. In this post, we will explore secrets to amplify your curb appeal before listing your home. From a handsome new mailbox to cheery flowers, here’s how to make the front of a house look better—without breaking the bank.

Lure In Buyers With a Fresh Entryway

Unless you happen to have a sculpture or water feature in your front yard, the focal point of your home’s exterior will probably be the entryway. So, sprucing up the entryway is a sure way to provide instant curb appeal. 

Start by giving your front door a fresh coat of paint. Try something bright and unexpected, like red or orange. Next, remove the door knockers, hinges, and doorknobs and replace them with fresh pieces. Other ideas include adding a wreath, doormat, and upgrading your porch’s light fixture.  

Plant Some Color

Flowering plants are an easy, affordable and effective way to make your facade appear bright, fresh, and inviting. If your yard is too small for a flower bed, you can still incorporate blooms into your tiny space. For instance, a few flower pots on your front step will make for a cheery front entrance.

Another way to display flowers is using window boxes and hanging baskets. When choosing your blooms, go for fragrant varieties that appeal to buyers’ senses. Also, don’t forget to research the soil, sun, and water requirements of each plant before you grow it. 

Update House Numbers   

Few homeowners give thought to their house numbers. Yet, the quality and condition of the sign are a reflection of how well you take care of your property. It’s time to get rid of the bent and rusty house number and install a look-at-me sign.

One little secret to improve curb appeal using house numbers is to design a sign that suits your personality and matches your home’s vibe. There are plenty of ideas, from mounting the numbers vertically, adding them to a frame, using mosaic, or crafting a wooden one.

Address Your Mailbox 

Because of its proximity to the street, your mailbox is one of the first things a buyer may notice. Refreshing it is a surefire way to add a splash of curb appeal. Instead of splurging on a high-end model, you can easily update your old one. 

Just sand, prime, and spray paint it. If you have a wood post, freshen it with a neutral paint color. Give the numbers a retouch too. You can further boost your mailbox’s wow factor by hanging a solar lantern or planter on it.

Add Trees 

Blooms add a pop of color, and lawns create a manicured look. But how do you introduce a balance of height in your yard? Planting a tree is a nice way to add height and welcoming quality to the front of your home. 

Unlike most flowers, you can find trees that provide greenery year-round, even in autumn and winter. Some ever-green trees that will add drama to your landscape include pine, spruce, Douglas Fir, and cedar. You can even purchase a large tree to give your landscape a head start.

Attract Some Birds 

Creating a natural atmosphere in your garden is a sure way to attract buyers once your house goes online. And nothing makes a garden look and feel natural better than birds. Apart from beautiful songs, they control bugs, and offer an educational experience for kids.

While backyard feeders and baths are a good first step to attract birds, there is so much more you can do to welcome winged friends. Provide fresh drinking water, quality food, a nesting box, and plant some bird-friendly plants.

Add Some Seating 

Front porch seating has a make-yourself-comfortable vibe that makes a house look cozy and super adorable. And the best part is you don’t have to invest in expensive outdoor sofas to appeal to potential buyers.

Some simple yet eye-catching ideas include a pair of wicker chairs, rocking chairs, a repurposed wooden bench, or a swinging daybed. Add a splash of color with cushions and bright pillows that have weather-resistant fabrics.

Curb Appeal Secrets for Selling Your Home

Homebuyers scroll past properties lacking star-quality curb appeal. To grab their attention and imagination, use our secret tips to make the front of a house look stunning and sophisticated. Refresh your entryway, plant some blooms and trees, update exterior hardware, attract friendly wildlife, and add some front porch seating.

As you research curb appeal ideas, don’t forget to talk to a realtor to know what features home buyers in your area look for the most. Consult a real estate professional today to ensure the improvements you make have a good return on investment!  Check out PunchList’s home repair estimate calculator to get fast and accurate quotes for improvements like these.